We have a multidisciplinary team of engineers, architects and builders trained for the integral development of civil and industrial building projects.


Our building process includes all the necessary phases to guarantee a 100% project adapted to the client, turnkey project. And this without having the client to worry about anything at all.

For this we use the best tools and we work with the best local suppliers We know the local market and with that we optimize the maximum costs and deadlines.

We carry out a feasibility study of your project with infographics so that you can see how it is going to be. And this all under a closed budget and without commitment.

Feel free to contact us.



All reforms require a Major or Minor project depending on the type of project.


We carry out all types of projects; both major and minor. We deliver all the necessary documentation to the client so that the work can begin in the shortest time possible.

We take care of all the paperwork so the client does not have to worry about anything. And if it is necessary all the permits are attached to the license.


We are always defending the interests of our clients and explaining which is the most economical way to carry out their project



In ingenieroonline we are committed to punctuality, quality and price, so one of our most specialized areas is project management.


We manage your project completely. Whether we have designed it or not. We guarantee established delivery times, timely production improvement and a service that will reduce the maximum possible resources.

Our team of technicians are highly qualified. And we know all the companies and possible suppliers as well as the local infrastructure and regulations.

This will help them reduce a high percentage of resources and thus minimize costs. It is always supported by the best tools and the best resources.



Do you want to open your business? Do you not know what regulations apply to your activity? Do you want to work in your business or go local and do you not know if it will comply with the regulations?


In Ingenieroonline we will advise you on all the requirements and procedures that you have to follow so that your license to start will be realized in the shortest possible time (maximum 30 days) and with the most economic price on the market.

Our group of experts in opening licenses will visit your premises and will make budget in less than 24 hours. Once you have accepted the budget, we will start to establish the responsible statement.

Your project of opening license or activity will be delivered in the city in the shortest time possible. And this allows your local store or business to become reality.



Our authorized installers will be in charge of complying with all current regulations and with executing the work as indicated in the project or technical design memory that the engineer or installer has designed.


We can also order the formalities for the legalization of the installation in the Ministry of Industry or the contracting of the supply in the corresponding supply company.

  • Electricity and lighting.
  • Air conditioner
  • Forced ventilation.
  • Plumbing and sanitation.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Fire protection.
  • Home automation.
  • Solar thermal and photovoltaic solar.
  • Wind.



We will be in charge of complying with all the current regulations on occupational safety and health. For this, the engineer will write the study of safety and health related to the work to be performed by the client.


If the client wishes, we can contract the health and safety coordination with that we can assure you that all the necessary measures will be taken to avoid any accident in the execution of the work.

Our engineers will be responsible for all the measures taken. They are responsible that everything will happen appropriate, and will force the workers of the works to take the necessary measures to avoid any accident at work.

All safety and health studies will be endorsed by the relevant technical college.


Ask us without obligation.




We will be in charge of the engineering and expert reports to transmit technical information about a process, a product or anything else like any certification or appraisal desired by the customer.


We cover all the needs of our customers. Tell us what type of report, certification or appraisal you need and we will respond as quick as possible.

  • Expert reports.
  • Technical certifications.
  • Energy certificates.
  • Valuations.


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